Autonomous rover

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During this level, learners will use the skills learnt in Module 1 and 2 to expand on their knowledge to build a smart robot that can perform multiple functions. Among other features the robot will be able to drive itself, sensing obstructions and turning before it hits an obstruction. The robot will also be able to be controlled by any TV or DVD Remote which the learner will learn to program and then control.

This module diverges from the technique followed in the previous two modules, as it follows a project based method of teaching. Here learners will work on one part of the robot at a time until they finish their build.

Module 3 has a pre-requisite of a Module 1 and Module 2 competency to ensure that foundational concepts are in place. The Module 3 kit expands on the parts provided in the Module 1 kit as well as the parts provided in the Module 2 kit. Should you no longer have the Module 1 kit and the Module 2 kit, you will need to purchase this separately.

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