Module 2

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Recommended Age Group: Grade 4-12

Module 2 is an introduction to inputs using the Arduino. Learners with a basic knowledge of programming will navigate through the basics of code writing using both inputs and outputs to allow them to understand how the programming language C++ works. We use real world scenarios and examples throughout this course to allow our learners to think both critically and creatively.

In this module we utilize the Arduino Uno, the Arduino is an easy to use platform allowing for a friendly learning environment while being affordable. The Arduino is also open-source software and hardware which allows us to give our learners not only an awareness of coding but also the tools to create something different using the skills they learn.

Once a learner finishes this course he/she will be able to understand how to program the Arduino as well as how to build and connect circuits on a breadboard using multiple inputs and outputs. To complete this course, learners will need to have completed Arduino Module 1 and will also be reusing their kit from Arduino Module 1 as the Module 2 kit functions as an add on.

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