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LED Cube

3D LED Displays come in all manner of shapes and sizes. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to display changing light patterns in three-dimensional space.

One of the most common types of 3D LED displays is the LED cube, this is also the 3D LED display that we will be building. The typical LED cube has LEDs that are either a single color or several colors. The LED Cube may be constructed either by soldering the legs of the LEDs together directly or by constructing a matrix of wires which form a frame that the LEDs are connected to. There are also many ways to control a 3D LED cube, these methods may differ in their complexity. The easiest is probably utilizing a single micro-controller, while more complicated methods use special LED Driver ICs or even direct PC control.

Here we will be building one of the easier LED cubes, specifically a 3X3 LED cube. This LED cube contains a total of 27 LEDs and is controlled by an Uno R3.

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