Computer skills for Olievenhoutbosch Grade 9’s!


During the past decade, expenditures on, access to, and use of computer-based technologies by teachers and students have increased sharply. Integrating instructional technology into all classrooms has the potential to transform modern education and student learning. However, access to technology is not equally available to all districts or schools. This is exactly the case with certain schools in South Africa.

Rural districts have unique needs and may have to rely on alternate funding for instructional technology needs. This is where SA Mint came to the rescue for Olievenhoutbosch Secondary School in Johannesburg. SA Mint is providing funding to provide basic computer lessons to 30 grade, 9 learners.
This 3-year project will be run by the Onsite Group with VJ Robotics as partners. In the first year, the focus will mainly be on basic computer skills moving towards advanced computer skills in the second year. In the final year, learners will focus on robotics which involves creating, building and coding.

Arguably, robotics is the most effective way of motivating and supporting the study of many areas of the curriculum. The evidence is that robotics also has an impact on the learner’s social skills and helps them develop teamwork skills. When allowing children to design, build and program their own robots, they will get involved in many technical activities that also overlap with several other disciplines.
These skills will essentially equip the learners to be able to get into the job market once they have finished school. The computational sciences education is argued to be the crucial key in education to bring up global leaders.

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