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About VJ Robotics

Welcome to VJ Robotics

VJ Robotics was founded by a team of educational experts who specialize in the fields of Science and engineering. We take advanced programming and robotics used in the industry and simplify it to bite sized lessons that can be enjoyed by learners of all ages.

The need for revolutionized education in STEAM subjects was made abundantly clear to us in our pursuits in science and engineering. The low pass rates amongst first year engineering students is often due to an algorithmic mindset that is inherited from school. As educators and professionals, it is important that we rather cultivate an excogitative mindset in our learners, as this is the only way we can fix the problems of tomorrow. The best way to achieve this was through robotics education. Robotics can easily fuse together all aspects of STEAM while stimulating creativity and excitement.

This inspired us to develop a program that brings about an affordable, versatile and exciting robotics curriculum that goes beyond an ‘instruction manual’. This program assists with opening doors to solve real problems with the use of a current and popular programing language in the industrial world.

For more information or queries, feel free to contact our Education Programme Manager, Minette Strauss. We’d love to hear from you!

We'd love to hear from you, or try to answer any questions you might have. Please don't hesitate to call our offices or send us a mail.