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For Teachers

We skill teachers to use Robotics as a tool that enhances learning in the classroom. We offer 3 hour teacher training sessions that can be tailored to your needs.

For the classroom

We offer in-curriculum Robotics Possibility Toolboxes in multiples of 10. The Robotics toolbox comes with online scaffolded lessons introducing the basics of coding and robotics.

For the Individual

Interested in exploring the world of Robotics and Coding on your own? Our courses range from beginner to advanced.

Your journey starts here...

Onsite Robotics not only offers you the ability to start but we have the "what's next" that you are looking for as well! Start your journey today.

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Our curriculum is designed for the Foundation Phase.  The lessons are scaffolded with low technology use to introduce learners to computational thinking principles. During lessons we make use of block coding to reinforce concepts so that learners have a good foundation and understanding of how coding works.

These courses focus on programming and building circuits using an Arduino. Learners with no knowledge of programming will navigate through the basics of code writing by using simple inputs and outputs to allow them to understand the programming language c++. The courses are progressive and are packed with lots of exciting projects and discoveries.

Ready to integrate robotics into your lessons? We offer in-curriculum steam kits that can be tailored to any subject matter.  Our team can run steam days at your school and even train your teachers to run these exciting projects on their own!

Our most popular courses


Starter Kit

Introduction to Arduino and building circuits with the C++ programming language.

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Getting Started – Level Up

Learn the basics of code writing by using inputs and outputs on Arduino.

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Autonomous rover

Build and code an automated robotic car, using the concepts of motion, speed and velocity.

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Host a STEAM day!

STEAM days are an exciting way to introduce robotics and coding to your school. This year’s STEAM days are focused around the 2020 Summer Olympics and finding solutions to climate change. We can also tailor these days to any theme of your choosing.
Learners build prototypes out of recyclable material that require a moving part that is coded and controlled by an Arduino.STEAM days are an exciting way to stretch learners minds to find creative solutions to everyday problems.

Steam days run between 4 - 6 hours and can include up to 300 students from Grade 4 up.
All the equipment required is provided.

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