Welcome to VJ Robotics

VJ Robotics was founded by a team of educational experts who specialize in the fields of science and engineering. We take advanced programming and robotics used in industry and simplify it to bite-sized lessons that can be enjoyed by learners of all ages in the form of fully integrated robotics classes.

Browse through our range of carefully worked out computational thinking, in-curriculum teacher guides to help you provide learners with the very best in education!

How it works

The program can be incorporated into a school’s curriculum or offered as an extracurricular activity. Learners will have access to an online portal where lessons will be delivered. We also have exciting robotics projects that are done on a Saturday morning and over school holidays.

Join the coding revolution

Our curriculum is engaging, educational and enriching. It includes learning outcomes such as competency with electrical circuit design, proficiency with popular programming languages, ability to solve real-world problems & ability to think flexibly and creatively.

Our courses

VJ Robotics proudly offers 3 Main courses (Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3) as well as 6 short courses. These courses consist of a series of different robotic build such as the LED Cube and Electronic Piano. Lastly we offer extra curricular classes as well as the hosting of holiday workshops and Saturday classes.

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STEAM Package
Science - Technology - Engineering - Arts and Mathematics.

We combine it all as we incorporate programming and robotics into a school curriculum.

VJ Robotics in your school

Do you want to dive into the exciting world of robotics? We can help you start a robotics club at your school.

So why VJ Robotics?


VJ Robotics offers a range of terrific robotics courses at competitive rates.


Our instructors are experts in their field. They have crafted every robotics course carefully in order to maximize each student’s experience.


You won’t just get to code your robot into doing whatever
it is you need it to do, you get to build and decorate it too.

We offer training sessions to teachers interested in giving robotics extramural classes at your school. Contact us for more information.